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70s/80s:  Founder member, actor, musician, composer and lyricist of the Pip Simmons Theatre Group touring throughout Britain and Europe. Shows include: Underground Lovers; Pardoner's Tale; Superman; Do It; Alice In Wonderland; George Jackson's Black And White Minstrel Show; Dracula; An Die Musik; The Dream Of A Ridiculous Man; The Masque Of The Red Death; Woyzeck; The Tempest; We; Towards A Nuclear Future; Rien Ne Va Plus; Can't Sit Still; Snuff; The Ballista.


80s/90s:  Freelance musician, composer and lyricist working for theatres throughout Britain and Europe - including Nottingham Playhouse; Derby Playhouse; Oldham Coliseum; Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester; Manchester Library Theatre; Mickery Theatre, Amsterdam; Orbe Theatre, Lausanne; Teater Krefeld/Monchengladbach.


90s/00s:  Freelance actor, musician, composer and lyricist working with Odense Teater & Odense International Music Theatre, Denmark. Shows include: The Tempest; Kaspar Hauser; Lulu; The Song of the Sirens; The Citizen; Heaven; The Ancient Mariner; Cosa Nostra; Son of Man; Faust - Untitled; Out Of Ctrl. Two of these productions won Reumerts (Danish Theatre awards) for best music theatre and another two were nominated.





Do It


  "This really is a breakthrough because for the first time on a stage music and words are one."



- Time Out




An Die Musik


  "All life is concentrated in this solemn music... the songs of eternal distress."



- Le Monde (Paris)




Lulu - Sometimes In Dreams


  "It is stunningly beautiful. Both music and lyrics lift this strange tale to unknown heights. Chris Jordan's melodies are sublime."



-  Göteborg Posten (Sweden)